Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are enlisted for all senders and the company’s employees, or agents will not be held accountable for loss or damage of any goods or delay due to certain situations. Senders should certainly follow these conditions to avoid any mishappening and obtain insurance where necessary to safeguard their interests.

  • At the time of receiving, check your parcel thoroughly as once received, the company will not be in charge of your package.
  • Refrain from placing any unnecessary item in the parcel without our permission or knowledge as it can be disposed of immediately.
  • You can claim a refund only if proof of purchase is provided as evidence.
  • Parcels that are not received in Pakistan or no inquiry has been made about the package within 10 weeks will be discarded without any prior notice.
  • Parcels will be delivered usually within 6 to 8 weeks; however, the delivery period can be longer if the office is closed due to some inconveniences.
  • All parcels will be delivered subject to custom clearance.
  • No refund will be provided, and the package will be disposed of if inappropriate or abusive language and threats are used.
  • No warranty will be given in case of natural disasters or war conditions.

Our responsibilities

  • A1 Pak Cargo shall deliver your items at the designated address and at about or before specified times safely.
  • A1 Pak Cargo shall not be accountable for any delays in transporting items caused to the absence of the consignee or other authorized receiver at the delivery address.
  • A1 Pak Cargo shall not be responsible for loss, damage, delay, and miss- delivery of items resulting from:
    • Act of God including fire, flood, earthquakes, and other natural disasters beyond human control.
    • Act of war or civil commotions or fear of such striking circumstances.
    • Criminal, malicious, or negligent behaviour of third parties.
    • Unpredictable and unforeseeable industrial action or road incidents including traffic conditions or vehicle breakdown.
    • The impact of ionizing radiations, immoderate nuclear reactions, fire-lighting, or explosions.
    • Cancellation of delivery services due to extreme weather conditions.
    • Legal confiscation of certain goods.
    • Incorrect packaging, labelling, or addressing.

Your Responsibilities

Subject to terms of the agreement the customer undertakes:

  • In relation to goods, the customer is solely entitled to the items or has the permission of all those interested in the items to enter and bind with the terms of this contract.
  • In the event of any allegations, arising against the company by any third party out of this contract to reimburse the company against the claim, legal and other amounts will be compensated by the customer. Except to the point where the customer verifies that the carriers would have been accountable to the customer having the original claim been made by the customer but on the notion that the customer had kept right to the items.
  • To provide any instructions demanded by the company in pursuance of the statement above as soon as reasonably possible.
  • To provide all expenses.

Liability Is Limited To Certain Events of Loss or Damaged Goods

A1 Pak Cargo liability in terms of loss, damage, or miss delivery of goods shall not exceed the proclaimed value of the goods specified or otherwise stated by the customer. Moreover, the cost of repairing or reconditioning any damaged items or in situations where only a part of the consignment is affected, the maximum liability of £150 is subjected.
A1 Pak Cargo shall not be accountable for any physical loss or harm to any theft-attractive items unless agreed upon by the company in writing prior to transporting such goods and the customer has approved in writing for compensating the carrier in terms of any additional costs including insurance from the loss, damage, or miss-delivery of such items during transportation resulting from the carelessness of the courier or its agents.

Precluded Items

A1 Pak Cargo might abandon the carriage of the following excluded goods:

  • Articles that are explosive and inflammable including firearms and detonators.
  • The possession or importation of items that are illegal, dangerous, or prohibited.
  • Items with written, printed, or pictorial matter that are prohibited, blasphemous, appalling, or explicit.


  • Transit of goods can be halted or banned for unanticipated reasons.
  • A1 Pak Cargo shall not provide any sort of labour for loading and off-loading of goods on collection or delivery at the sender or collector place.

Unsafe Or Risky Goods Not Acceptable For Transportation

A1 Pak Cargo does not provide the agreement of transporting or packing contaminated, infested, fatal or precarious items.

Limited time frame for claims

  • Broken or damaged items should be brought back for inspection to the company.
  • Accountability for loss or damaged items is not provided by A1 Pak Cargo unless the claim is provided by the customer in writing within 42 days after the transit commenced.
  • All liability charges will be taken off from the courier with respect to the consignment unless events are reported within the time frame of 10 weeks from the execution of the transit or otherwise in case of failed dispense of the whole package from the stated 20 days.