Privacy Policy

General policy

The following privacy policy applies to A1 Pak Cargo website services. A1 Pak Cargo is committed to protecting your confidential information and ensures that your personal data is safeguarded under the Data Protection Act 1998, which regulates your private information and allows you several rights in context to your personal data.
By accessing the A1 Pak Cargo website, you are approving our privacy policy from the initial date of registration. We may alter these conditions occasionally and will declare revisions on our websites regularly. We advise you to read these terms and conditions carefully before accessing our website services.

Personal Data for Registration

When you first log in to our website, we will collect your personal information. Moreover, we might also require your personal data when you report a problem and may keep the history of any exchanged communication.

Data Interpretation

In order to evaluate our website services and user experience, we might anonymize your data and aggregate it with other users. We reserve the right to reveal anonymized collected data of users to certified third parties.

User-Generated Content for Website Environment

When you submit or contribute to a forum chat or supply session feedback, A1 Pak Cargo will use your personal information such as your name and email address and might display it on the website. When submitting user-generated information, you accept that A1 Pak Cargo may access, preserve, or disclose your information or any content reported by you to:

  • Abide by any process legally.
  • Administer certain terms and conditions.
  • Respond to claims reported that violates third-party rights.
  • Countering to your requests for customer service.
  • Connect with you for further evaluation.
  • Safeguarding the rights and securing the personal information of A1 Pak Cargo and other website users.

Updating Your Information for Better User Experience

You should update your personal details in the secure area of A1 Pak Cargo website for a better user experience.

Recording IP Addresses

We might track and record your computer’s IP address, browser type and operating system to administer and gather information regarding website usage. Doing so allows us to follow certain web surfing patterns and is no way used for identifying your entity.

Data Security

We store and secure your personal information on password-protected basis. Your data is only made available to authorized A1 Pak Cargo staff and is not disclosed to other parties or individuals. We use a firewall security system and application logs to track all access to your personal data and review these logs continually to inspect any glitches.

Account Validation

You are in charge of ensuring complete security of your A1 Pak Cargo account and therefore, should not disclose your user ID and password to anyone. In case of forgetting your account’s pin, contact our team for assistance.

Emails Secured With Corporate Firewall

Any email exchanged between you and A1 Pak Cargo will not be encrypted and all emails received by us will be secured within the company’s firewall.

Website Cookies

Cookies are a set of data elements that are delivered to your browser and are used for collecting information such as frequent page visits and the most viewed areas of the website in order to understand the needs of the customers and provide a better user experience.
A1 Pak Cargo uses website cookies to determine the pages that are searched regularly. This helps us in analyzing the data and engages more traffic on our web page by improving our content. This type of information is only used for statistical purposes and then it’s deleted from the system. You can choose what cookies you want to accept or decline. Most web browsers accept cookies spontaneously, but you can manage your browser cookie settings separately although it might prevent you from taking full advantage of the website.

Your Agreement

By logging in and providing all your information to A1 Pak Cargo, you agree to the use of your personal information as stated in this policy. You should review this policy repeatedly to keep track of the changes we make in collecting and handling your personal data. Thank you for reviewing this information. If you have any queries, feel free to contact our customer team.

Notification Regarding Policy Modifications

We might sometimes revise our privacy policy and will update the details on our webpage. However, we will not alter how we use the personal data you have already trusted us with and will always ask for your permission when needed.